War Scene With Rameses Seated In His Chariot Papyrus

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This scene is of none other than Rameses the second. This is a war scene with Rameses seated in his chariot with his horses charging forward and he’s ready with his bow and arrow. There are many of such scenes from the Battle of Qadesh, which he fought with the Hittites. This was a great victory for him and so he had many carvings made on temples. After this he had made a treaty with them and ensure this agreement by marrying two of the Hittite princesses. Rameses the second is most well known for his monumental construction, such as the temple at Abu Simbel. He had a very long reign and now his mummy resides in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. The size of this papyrus painting is approximately 14" by 17 1/2". Our Egyptian papyrus painting collection is a unique collection. Buy one now and explore it yourself.

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