Tutankhamun And His Beautiful Wife Ankhesenamun Papyrus

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This scene shows Tutankhamun and his beautiful wife Ankhesenamun. They’re dressed in all the elaborate garb of the royal family such as her dress, their crowns and wigs. Tut. sits on his throne while his wife gives him a cool sip of water or wine. This couple is very special in their relationship. They show an amazing intimacy that may have developed from them growing up together. This may also have occurred because of the early age that he took the throne. We have this image of two youngsters clinging to each other for support and love. Above them is a vulture that represents Nekhbet, goddess of Upper Egypt. She holds a shen ring (circle), which was a symbol of eternity. The size of this papyrus painting is approximately 14" by 17 1/2". Our Egyptian papyrus painting collection is a unique collection. Buy one now and explore it yourself.

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